Position – Pro Stylist

Favourite thing to do – I love to make people feel great. Being young i am always keeping up to do with the latest trends to make sure all my clients are loving their hair! If i had to pick something to do all the time it would be Balayage. The best thing with Balayage is it varies is so many ways. No Balayage is ever the same! If its Blonde, Brown, Red, or even a bright colour, its just as fun every time! I still love a good restyle when it comes my way too!

About me – I’m currently planning my wedding so in my spare time i get to enjoy all the fun of that. I try to build myself at the gym and to keep me active when i’m not working. I love dogs and getting out to walk so its a good mix for me. As well as that i’m constantly on social media searching for the new trends and fashions, or taking a selfie!

Next Steps – At the moment i am currently working on my makeup still to be able to bring into the salon. My dream is to be able to do the full works on a client. Also to be able to offer a wedding package in the salon. I am always looking for new way to improve my skills in all aspects of my work. Hair and Makeup have always been a passion for me and i cant wait to be able to show off my makeup skills very soon.

Salon Mr Men Character – Miss No Nonsense I am always being called miss organised as i love to make a plan! Because of that i don’t take an nonsense!


Feel free to scroll through some of my work in the last few months. If you want to see more head over to our Instagram – Admirecolchester.