Its week two of our wedding blog. Last week was all about venues and this week is all about photographers. You’ve found the perfect venue and now you need someone to capture the day in all its glory.

Think about your big day and the style of the day, you need someone who complements your style and knows what YOU want! The day will pass you by so quickly and all you’ll have left is the memories and the pictures. This is one of the biggest parts of planning a wedding and its not something you should rush into booking. You need to be 100% certain that you have picked the right person.

At Admire we have a few photographers that we would always recommend because their photos are AMAZING!



I’m not sure how else to describe Dan’s photos other than WOW! Now i promise if you picked Dan to do your wedding photos you would not be disappointed. He has travelled all around the world taking the most extraordinary photos I’ve ever seen. I mean would you look at that!!

Dan has a very contemporary style and will travel to any destination. He is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like posing for photos as he never asks you too pose. He believes the best photos come when your just being you. You enjoy your days and he will capture the whole thing.

If that’s not enough reason to pick D&A, he is also a multi award winning wedding photographer. This Year alone, he has won ‘Essex wedding photographer of the year’ and ‘East of England wedding photographer of the year. As well as many more. I strongly recommend you head to his website linked above to check out his full portfolio and other awards. I would also check out his Instagram to see the latest pictures.



Natural. Authentic. Romantic. The three words you’ll see first on Andrews website. These three words defiantly sums up Andrews style and how he wants everyone to see his pictures. He loves to capture the raw emotion behind each couple which is why his photos are so honest and amazing. 

Just look how he makes the winter wedding so light and beautiful. (This is also one of our brides so we might be bias). Andrew focuses on the couple and their love for each other, as well as everyone at the wedding and making sure he captures their laughs throughout the day too.

If your looking for someone who will show your wedding its in true form and create the most magical shots then Andrew is the man for you. We have worked with Andrew a number of times now and you wouldn’t even know he was there. Creating the photos from the shadows, he’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to feel overwhelmed by the photographer on their big day. Make sure you check out Andrews Instagram too.


Again, there are many other photographers that have the talent that these two very talented guys have but these are just two of them that we have worked with and would highly recommend. Make sure you check them out and come back next week where we talk about Flowers and Cake.