We’ve done venues, cake, flowers and photographers. There’s not very much left for our wedding blog. This week were talking about the best part of a wedding… the entertainment. How many times have you gone to a wedding and the DJ or Band has been rubbish or the dance floor looks like a ghost town? Same. We get it. This is why we want to make sure that doesn’t happen at your wedding. We have lined up the best in town for your wedding day.


Now were going big or go home for this first one. Dreamwaves is a local company that offers a wide range or DJ’s and also lighting. One thing you should know about there DJ’s is that they will not have the dace floor empty. So if you want a party then i suggest you get booking.

Dreamwaves offers a few different options for there sets. They do a full evening package but you could also have them for your drinks reception. Now as for their look. This is totally up to you, they have a few different style options to choose from, including if you want the decks to be on show.

The mix all the music on the night and really bring the party. If your not sure on what music you want, that’s ok cause they will fit the music with the atmosphere. I honestly couldn’t give these guys enough credit for the work they do to make sure you wedding night is FUN!

Red and Black casinos:

Now, if your looking for something really different and fun, then this if for you. This will keep your guest entertained for hours, even the kids can play as there is no money involved.

This is a great way to get your guest involved with the day and give out a little price for the winner!

They have quite a few different game options to choose from depending what sort of games you want to play. This can be anything from a full sizes table, right down to a stud poker table. Even if you guests haven’t played before they will explain the rules of the games. 

So if you fancy something a little different then why not give them a try.

Again there are so many different types of entertainment you can have at your wedding and we know loads, we just don’t want to bore you!
Next week we will be looking at THE WEDDING DRESS!!!! Super excited for this so much sure you stick around.