Its the last week of out wedding blog. We have defiantly saved the best till last. So grab your girls and guys and get ready for some super fun shopping trips.

We all know that getting ‘the dress’ is one of the best parts of planning a wedding. That feeling of finding ‘the one’ and feeling the best you’ve ever felt. However this is not something you should ever rush into. We 100% recommend you shop around, as many shops have different designers and different experiences. You need to be sure you have found the right dress.



We LOVE this shop. Its super contemporary and is perfect for any modern bride. Lauren who owns the shop is always happy and always smiling, shes not afraid to get you in something outside of your comfort zone and really test the waters. Lauren is a big believer that every bride should be allowed to show off their individual style and not just follow the crowds. All you have to do is look at the ‘Charlie Brear’ or ‘Ian Stuart’ dresses to know they are not your normal wedding dress.

The best part about Milimili, when you book an appointment you get the WHOLE SHOP! Yes that’s right you heard me correct. Because this is a smaller wedding shop you get the luxury of having the whole shop to browse and try on as many dresses you want too.

Everyone who works at Milimili is super friendly and has lots of experience at finding you the perfect dress. They will do an in-depth consultation to get to you know better and what sort of style your are looking for. And of course if you find your dress… out come the bubbly!! Honestly if you visit Lauren’s shop you will not be disappointed. From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave you will receive outstanding care and attention that feels very personal to you.  I LOVED my visit to MiliMIli and will always shout it from the roof tops!




Now this shops is awesome! As you can tell from the name they are a bridal shop as well as the perfect place to get the men’s suits. They are based down the end of the high street in quite a big shop! Again the owners of this shop are absolutely lovely and are willing to help. They have been open for around 15 years, so they definitely know a thing or two about weddings! They offer one to one appointments with everything included. Including refreshments.(yum)

They have won many awards over the years and you’ll often find them at wedding fairs and open days. They have a full team there ready to go through all your wedding dress needs and will be there ready with the tissues. As they are a bigger shop, they have plenty of designers and dresses to choose from including ‘Lillian west, Mark Lesley and White Rose’. This gives you more than enough to try on and to find your perfect style. Also a quick bonus… they also sell bridesmaid dresses!!! They really are the full package.

The grooms room on the other hand is totally exceptional. I had to pleasure of having the owner Rob when i went and let me say he is so professional and really takes note of what the Groom wants. What i love about this is the Groom gets the same experience as what the Bride would get. They get refreshments and a full consultation and the chance to try on plenty of suits with professional advice and help. And if your partner is anything like mine he never wears suits and was totally out of his comfort zone but they make you feel completely at ease. They really take the time to make sure you get it right for the groom!


All in all, these are our favourite wedding dress shops in Colchester. If your looking for a totally personal and VIP experience then i 100% recommend either of these shops.

That’s is. That’s are wedding blog over. I have loved helping and guiding you too all Admires favourite wedding shops and local businesses. I know planning a wedding can be stressful (trust me i’m in the middle of planning my own) but hopefully with a few recommended suppliers we can get through this together. We’ve done Venues, Photographers, Flowers, Cake, Entertainment and now dresses and suits. Its been a pleasure helping but its on to the next blog now… If there’s anything you would love to read about, drop us a message so we can blog about things you want to read!!

Thanks for reading